DX® Liquid Biopsy DX® Liquid Biopsy

The DX® Liquid test is designed to provide a real time monitoring of tumor’s molecular profile using non-invasive liquid biopsy analysis. The test can be performed before treatment as well as for the patients’ monitoring during therapy. It is also very helpful for the detection of secondary mutations that arise due to targeted therapy and could modify treatment strategy for these patients. DX® Liquid Biopsy is designed for patients with any type of solid tumors and has become a reality in cancer treatment.

This analysis is mostly recommended for:

  • Patients with non-operable tumors and patients with limited or inadequate tissue biopsy material. In these cases liquid biopsy analysis is the only option for tumor molecular profiling.
  • Patients with multiple metastasis. The tests uses genetic material from all tumors in the patient’s body, thus it could catch intra-tumor or inter-metastatic heterogeneity.
  • Patients under treatment or after completion of the therapy. In these cases the analysis can be used for the detection of the presence of tumor derived nucleic acids. Differences in tumor’s molecular profile that could be attributed to the treatment used can also be detected and could be indicative of the treatment’s effectiveness. Additionally, the analysis gives insight in the eventual arise of new targetable mutations or mutation’s resistance to the treatment used.

To perform the DX® Liquid biopsy Assay all we need is a small amount of blood which is drawn from the patient like in a routine blood test put in a special Streck™ tube provided by Genekor

The DX® Liquid Biopsy test:

  • Determines the molecular profile (gene mutations) of the tumor and of interactions between genes in case of multiple mutations.
  • Designates the on-label drug (if it exists) that targets the mutated gene(s) or the pathway that the gene(s) are involved in.
  • Identifies mutations associated with resistance to targeted treatment.
  • Assigns off-label treatments or ongoing clinical trials based on tumor’s molecular profile.
    This could be particularly important for patients who have failed conventional therapy.

Table of Genes Analyzed

12 gene alterations


3 fusion transcripts



Blood in special collection vial that you are going to take from Genekor. (Cell-Free DNA BCT®(10ml) και Cell-Free RNA BCT®(10ml)).
Genekor is responsible for the provision and shipment of the special vial for the Com.Pl.i.t DX Liquid testing. Please contact us.
Yes, click here for more info about the blood sample collection special instructions.
Genekor is responsible for all the necessary procedures of the pick-up and return of the patient’s specimen. To arrange your sample pick-up and return, contact us or complete the appropriate Test Order Form. Your results will be shared with the ordering physician via e-mail.
The results will be available in 10 working days.
For information about the cost coverage of the test you should contact your personal insurance.
The payment can be made by bank transfer or credit/debit card.
Genekor Medical S.A. is certified with ISO9001 and ISO15189, which require the written consent of each patient for the use of his/her genetic material for testing.

Genekor’s Validation Studies for DX® Liquid biopsy Assay

“Our NGS panel applies well for cell free DNA mutation detection in cancer patients. This analysis has a big validity either for mutation detection at the time of diagnosis or for the detection of early molecular relapse following treatment.”

Eirini Papadopoulou, Vasiliki Metaxa – Mariatou, Nikolaos Tsoulos, Angeliki Tsirigoti, Chrisoula Efstathiadou, Angela Apessos, Konstantinos Agiannitopoulos, Georgia Pepe, Eugenia Bourkoula, Georgios Tsaousis, George Nasioulas GeneKor Medical S.A., Greece

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