Why Com.PI.it DX® TEST

  • Provides Individualized Treatment Options

    Advanced Next Generation Sequencing technology, also known as NGS, is used to fully analyze a panel of genes that are related to targeted treatments. Analysis of gene fusions is also included in Com. Pl.i.t DX®, providing comprehensive and reliable information to patients and physicians. Due to the tumor molecular profiling of each patient, the treatment options are highly individualized.

  • Saves Time, Valuable Sample Material & Cost

    The major advantage of the Com.Pl.it DX® multi-gene test is that it uses a small piece of sample material on which it analyzes simultaneously all cancer relative genes, giving a clear & comprehensive answer quickly and cost-effectively. This is the most reliable solution compared to other methods that test each gene individually, using each time sample material, increasing costs and omitting cancer-relative genes in the process.

  • Continuous support to the doctor and the patient from our experienced team

    Accessibility to scientific and procedural support, as well as information, is extremely important in our field. We know this and therefore provide support to physicians and patients through the customer service center and through our scientific advisors, who are knowledgeable and specialized in order to constantly support the work of physicians in the best possible way.

5 cases where Individualized Treatment is needed

Initial treatment plan has been completed and more treatment options are needed.

Tumors without an established “gold standard” treatment.

Tumors that are aggressive and do not respond to standard treatment.

Rare tumors.

Tumor types with different targeted treatment options available such as lung cancer.

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